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White This Way is an interior styling company that helps clients design spaces to reflect their personal styles and needs. Our ethos is influenced by harmoniously combining simplicity and tidiness to create a stylish, yet functional home or business.

Unlike most interior decorators who calculate their fees based on a markup of dollars spent on furniture, our fee is based on time spent per square foot of each project. Why? Basically, we don’t want you to skimp out on furniture. We want you to get the best of everything within your budget and usually we’ll help you find it for even less! 


So close your eyes and breathe. White This Way.

A home is a white, blank canvas and you are the artist


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I believe that your home should define you - whether you're single or starting (or growing) a family. It's where you start and end every day. So while it’s important to make it a collaborative project if you live with someone, it should always be your safe and comfy space, one you’re extremely proud of, grateful to return to, and eager to show off. 


Home styling doesn’t have to be expensive or intimidating. It’s a white, blank canvas and you are the artist. There’s no right or wrong. No such thing as too pink or too blue. So, inspire and aspire. Dream it up and do it up. Imagine, design, create. Then shift it around and do it again. That’s the magic of your sanctuary.

White this way: Home.

UPDATE: Now we're a sister, sister duo! Welcome Roxana Infante. You're stuck with me for life.

My name is Adriana Infante. I was born and raised in Miami, FL and people would probably describe me as a home decor MONSTER! In my defense, I was kind of born into it. My dad is a successful architect who moved here from Colombia with nothing but a pencil and sketch pad. He’s always taught me to be happy with everything and nothing. To be grateful, and the universe will always respond.

When I moved into my first home, people constantly told me: "Don't buy anything pink or too girly. You’ll want to invest in pieces that you'll have forever and if a guy moves in with you, you'll have to redo everything. If you have kids, you’ll need to get rid of everything white.”

About us



Step 1

A complimentary home visit to asses your needs.

Step 2

A proposal with different packages to choose from.

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Package 1

A complete mood board. This is for clients who just need a starting point and style defined but are ready to adventure into finding pieces on their own.


Package 2

A complete mood board with layouts and links. Yes, we'll source EVERYTHING - from furniture to accessories, and send you links for your shopping pleasure.


Package 3

We do it all! Including your shopping and styling once everything arrives.





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